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Christy Oshima

Christy Oshima

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Hello there!

My name's Christy and I am but a humble writer from Greece who decided to share with the world her stories and ideas. I've been writing since i can remember myself and it has turned into a vital need than just a hobby. 
 I sincerely hope you will enjoy my stories and find yourself escaping from this reality even for just a little bit.

My favorite genres to work with are Fantasy, BL and Horror and the mix of those sometimes.

Your support is more than appreaciated and please feel free to reach out, comment and share your thoughts with me whenever you feel like it.






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Final Chapter of Leading Lines just got up and along with it a small poll from me to you <3 I hope you enjoyed reading it and im looking forward for everyone's feedback!
11/15/2023 12:39
This is it folks! One more chapter until the end of "Leading Lines"! Here's a gift from me. Yours truly, Marc:
11/08/2023 10:50
@Christy Oshima

That is so cute!!!!!

11/08/2023 14:24
What? A new Dance Macabre chapter?! After 3 months?! Woah!!!!
11/03/2023 16:14
Happy Sunday everyone! I know that Halloween is just around the corner and i might be cooking something for it, but for today i want to share with you a commission by another friend, Emalie, who happily drew an adorable chibi of Marc from the newest chapter <3 There he is, lying down, all embarrassed about how much in love he is with Chris~ Emalie's links if you wanna check out her work:
10/29/2023 15:30
@Christy Oshima


11/03/2023 11:58
@Christy Oshima

These are so well-drawn!

11/08/2023 14:24
All of you who are subscribed to Dance Macabre will receive notifications regarding an update to the already published chapters. Fear not, there are just a few edits that needed to be done :)
10/25/2023 05:04
A stunning illustration by my really good and close friend, J.K.Borealis. He is a marvelous artist and writer and i hope one day he will join us here :) Also, i want to thank everyone who's reading Dance Macabre and worry not, the next chapters are on the way :D
10/19/2023 08:57
@Christy Oshima

This is gorgeous!!!!! Can't wait to see your friend's content here. And thanks for updating us! :)

10/19/2023 21:12
Christy Oshima

I think he will appear some time soon XD Thank you for being here :')

10/24/2023 15:01
Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!
10/11/2023 22:58

Hi! Thanks for reaching out and i am sorry for replying just now! No problem by me, really :)

10/19/2023 07:42