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Jen Leifire

Jen Leifire

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I love to write, so I started my own Novel. 

Hope you will enjoy it =D

I am also on tapas =3 (everything is in my carrd)



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Hey hey everyone! I just opened my Etsy Shop. More items will come, for now I wanted to get my first listing going lol Check it out here =D
09/16/2023 12:42
@Jen Leifire


09/17/2023 21:04
Jen Leifire

thank yyoouu <3

09/17/2023 21:40
Your profile picture <3!!!
08/13/2023 21:01

Haha dawww thx. xD My babies drawn by my great friend and artist, Alice! I did want to post the whole pic on here but its a bit nude, so not sure if its allowed xD

08/13/2023 21:16
Here is another piece of my boys! This fanart is drawn by an awesome friend Alice, who releases her comics on Tapas. In case you wanna check out her work, here is the link: Anyway, this pic is a feast for the eyes =D Happy drooling XD
06/18/2023 20:04
@Jen Leifire

ahhhh I love it!

06/18/2023 20:06
Jen Leifire

=D Yay, happy you do =3 I was also over the moon as she gave me this xD

06/18/2023 20:08

Reminds me of Free!!

07/02/2023 20:24
Jen Leifire

omg now that you mention it, you are right XD

07/02/2023 22:11


07/04/2023 21:14
Happy Pride Month everyone! Have a little goody of Cal and Sigal ;D Artist: Vindnyxx
06/01/2023 15:23
@Jen Leifire

So cute!

06/02/2023 21:33
Jen Leifire

Happy you like it =D

06/02/2023 23:38
@Jen Leifire

Sigal is so hot!

06/11/2023 20:26
Jen Leifire

<3 haha yeah he really is. Cal is a lucky lucky man XD

06/11/2023 20:34
We are 18 Chapters in now. So, from now on updates will be weekly, on Saturdays =)
05/27/2023 13:31
@Jen Leifire

Hoping to catch up tonight, thanks for uploading!

05/29/2023 20:23
Jen Leifire

Np, thank you for reading =D ❤️

05/29/2023 21:03
Heya, hope you all enjoy my story so far =D From tomorrow on, instead of 2 Chapters a day, I will drop 1 Chapter a day for a week before I will go onto weekly updates =)
05/20/2023 10:34