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Hi everyone welcome to my page❤

Check out my books:

Business Class

Aurora: The Dawn of Irenia

Zaphira: Secret Wars




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What's better than one book? Obviously two! Today I'm releasing Book Two of The Luna Chronicles. This new book gives a very detailed perspective of the beforehand of Irenia. It takes us all the way back to the teenage years of the characters and dictates their beautiful and dangerous experiences. Just a heads up, Zaphira: Secret Wars takes place in the past of Aurora:The Dawn of Irenia.
07/27/2023 19:40
Love the new cover!
06/12/2023 21:07

Hey, Thank You 💖😭

06/13/2023 13:19
Hey Orie, Love your books
04/26/2023 13:34
My new book Aurora: The Dawn of Irenia is out now!
04/25/2023 01:56