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Hi there!
I'm Lisa :)
Wannabe author with the dream of publishing a book or two. I write many genres, but mainly enjoy the fantasy, action, adventure types of the supernatural variety.
I have an account dedicated to fan-fiction too here called @MidnightStories. This account will also have works created by me and a close friend too! Most of it is re-written from when I was 12 years old, mainly because they bring back good memories and I want to see how my writing ha advanced.
You may recognise some of my work from Wattpad where I have an account under the name @MidnightGalxxx
Always up for a chat and to meet new people. Plus, love getting new book recommendations so send all the stories you love my way!
Please leave comments and likes if you enjoy my works.
Thank you
PS my profile was made by @neirinn02 on Instagram




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