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Bats, cats and K-pop.

Unrepentant night owl.

Just doing a bit of writing to unclutter my soul.


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Hey, Everyone!!! I'm so sorry I disappeared for a while there. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading while I was away. That is very nice to return to!!! Looks like I have a few messages to respond to - for some reason I thought I'd get email notifications if anyone was trying to contact me here but I guess that's not the case (oops!) Salvage will resume soon! I think I might be back on the horse (hopefully 🤞💕)

05/03/2024 01:14

Yaaaaaaay! Welcome back!!!!

05/03/2024 08:20

Missing Salvage and hoping you're okay.

04/12/2024 23:05

Thank you!!! I'm ok and getting back to it now 💕

05/03/2024 01:00

Heeey. How's it going?

03/18/2024 00:35

Getting there! Sorry to worry everyone 💕

05/03/2024 01:01

Salvage Vol. 3 will be back next week! I need to edit more chapters for it, but I've been writing a short story for the BLPalace winter anthology over on scribblehub and didn't want to break my stride on it once I got going. I finished a first draft last night, though (yay!!!) I'll need a few days to edit that, then I'll get back to Salvage and resume posting next Wednesday. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween if you celebrated! <3 <3 <3

11/02/2023 17:10

Good luck!

11/13/2023 22:18

Will you post it here pretty please?

11/10/2023 07:11

At some point, yes! I have to wait until it's published in the antho (which will start posting around New Year. Then I think I might expand it into at least novella length and post that everywhere. So it will make it over here eventually :)

11/10/2023 18:14

Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover for A drink before battle? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!

10/22/2023 20:47

I don't mind at all. I'd love to see your take on it!

10/22/2023 21:38

Salvage Volume 3 has begun!

09/24/2023 12:28


09/26/2023 20:18

We will get started with Salvage vol 3 very soon! I'm so sorry to anyone reading it for the delays. After successfully avoiding covid all this time, we went to a concert and my husband caught it there. It missed me, but I've been an anxious wreck while he recovers. He's fine now though, so as soon as I catch up on a little sleep I'll be back to it!

09/20/2023 16:49

I hope you're okay! Please rest, we'll be here when you come back!

09/22/2023 20:10

Salvage News!!! First, I'm so sorry for any confusion about new chapters. In Vol. 1, chapters 42-44 (Not What I Expected, parts 1,2, 3) are new chapters. Vol. 1 is now complete. Vol. 2 has gone live with its first three chapters!!! You can find that here on my profile page.

05/16/2023 01:23

Salvage will be undergoing some reorganization. Apologies to the story's followers for the impending update spam, but once I'm through it, Volume 1 will be complete.

05/12/2023 21:36

That's quite alright!

05/14/2023 21:59

That makes sense, lol. No worries, thank you for your work!

05/13/2023 09:31

Thank you so much for reading! There are a few more chapters to the end of this volume, but I'll post them one at a time and not spam you anymore 💕

05/14/2023 02:21

The story formerly known as A Drink Before The War is now A Drink Before Battle. There's another book with the old title. It's some kind of crime novel, and I don't read those so I hadn't seen it. (Always google your titles, kids.)

I stole it from the Sinead O'Connor song, as I suspect the other did too, and why not, it's a great line.

I'm not entirely sold on A Drink Before Battle, but my only other idea is "Two Generals Walk Into a Gay Bar."

(Which would be in keeping with that time-honored tradition of BL webnovels having a ridiculous title and then being all angst and heartbreaking drama and deep moral discourse.)

Anyway, I hope I don't confuse any of you. Thanks for reading!!!


05/07/2023 23:19

I would honesty love Two Generals Walk Into a Gay Bar. Please. Do it.

05/08/2023 09:27

LOL!!!! Maybe that can be its official unofficial subtitle 😆

05/10/2023 01:12

Omg yes

05/14/2023 21:59