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20, Worldbuilder, always looking for interesting stories to tell. Currently working on the first work in a story world. Hopes to one day live off her creative ideas.

Lives in SE Asia, Bilingual She/Her.
Currently works as an IT generalist, developing both products, automations and does data analysis. 



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Please continue Maiden's Strange Voyage!

06/12/2023 21:02

I'm still personally debating what I'm posting on here next, since I have two works. One is a historical slice of life (which is an alternate history branching off the Napoleonic period), while the other is pretty much a historical drama set in late 18th century Italy, just on the eve of revolution. And I do have short stories too, it's actually pretty hard to decide.

07/12/2022 06:16

Hello there, midnightmoon! I am please to announce that one of your works are chosen as one of the stories for the first ever batch of hidden gems here in Ritoria. Keep up the good work and I hope you are doing okay.

06/28/2022 09:02

Thank you, I'm doing fine just quite busy these days. I'm so surprised to hear that. Thank you for delivering the news to me.

06/28/2022 12:00

Sup, midnightmoon! I just wanna tell you that I'm excited to read your work! But I don't see any chapters lol. What happened?

06/14/2022 02:13

It should be up now, just the first chapter. I think I made a mistake when I was scheduling it somewhere.

06/14/2022 03:32