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Hello! My name is Raven! Nice to meet you. I do fanfiction! I also do enjoy writing other random things, but mainly fanfiction! Please help me reach 200 subscribers on Tapas! I really do appriciate it so much!!

I enjoy making friends aswell. I am that type of weird person that'll laugh out of random, lol. I have Pinterest! I don't post because school blocked it, but I love knowing that I have people following me!

Tapas acc: RavenTheBird

Novels Made:

- Three Words

- Join Me

- Finding True Love




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Who are your favorite music artists??

12/13/2022 01:06

I don't have any tbh. I listen to just about anything and anyone.

03/04/2023 12:06

Interesting. I don't have any either I think lol

05/20/2023 00:26

Hello! I am still here, but I don't think there'll be another chapter because I don't have any ideas. If anyone notices this, maybe I'll make a new chapter :)

10/31/2022 20:46

Hello. So, I had this chapter already written out perfectly. The chapter is longer than most of the chapters. And after I finished the chapter and finished the description, I HAD TO LOG IN TO RITORIA AGAIN! 🤦🏽‍♀🤬 That's one thing I find annoying on ritoria. So, after I total shock and anger and feeling all these emotions, I quit. I didn't want to make a new chapter after that...INCIDENT 🙃. So, I don't have a schedule for my new chapters coming out (I'm sure that is obvious 🫤) but my type of "schedule" is when I notice how long it's been since I posted a new one. I promise you all I will post a chapter 🫡. Have a good night everyone! (⚠Please make sure your read my story! This might get blocked and I don't want it to!! Show your friends or relatives because to agree, I think this story is 🔥🔥🔥!! ⚠)

09/21/2022 00:25

Dear Ritoria,

I have been using a school computer for Ritoria since I have no other devices for this app. I would just like to inform my followers: School has blocked Tapas on my computer. I have no clue if they will block Ritoria too, but please read my story before they do. It'll make me feel so happy!!! Please, before this gets blocked too

09/14/2022 00:53

Hey, Ritoria! I'm back from my long vacation, and I'm here to continue what I was doing before: Making new chapters! I'm really excited for this new chapter because this novel gives me "Stranger Things" vibes and I like it! I was thinking of continuing to make more chapters about 8-year-old Raven. After a few chapters, I'll continue with 16-year-old Raven.

Please continue with reading "True Love, Or Death?"! It helps me a lot and makes me feel that people are actually reading my work 🙂

09/03/2022 18:42

Chapter 4 already posted! I've been working on it for weeks now! I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to follow me! 🥰

06/07/2022 00:02

Thanks for posting!

06/10/2022 22:25

No problem! :D

06/14/2022 00:25

Hello my fellow followers! I'd like to send a message to all. So, I've made a story and I decided to update a new chapter every Thursday. I am currently making a new chapter! It'll be scheduled or posted on Thursday! (Hopefully xD)

05/03/2022 00:29

The first chapter just posted! Those who have made a story already, Hi. I'm new here and I want to read your stories! I will try to find a way to read them! <3

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This is how Raven looks like in the story just to clarify.

04/27/2022 00:24