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Apprehensive_Fly (HIATUS)

Apprehensive_Fly (HIATUS)

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"Non posso nuotare nei mari più grandiosi, né volare nei cieli meravigliosi, ma posso immaginare di farlo, scriverlo e leggerlo ancora e ancora."

Greetings, Everyflies! My name is Apprehensive_Fly, but you can call me 'Anne'. Anne is from my actual name, Anne de Biville. A writer who is still growing : )

Apprehensive_Fly : I'm leaving Ritoria for now. Not sure when to continue, but in August my works are going to be published again but unfortunately no updates. I will no longer be searchable because this account is going private. Don't worry though the books are still going to be continued despite this hiatus and I am currently busy with life matters. Expect new books next year (2024) for the Where Two Ends Meet Series.



I'm back but not really in for updates (except for TTOTH ofc) How is everybody doing lately ;) ?
08/27/2023 06:30
What is Orenda all about? I dont really get the concept on the synopsis...I'm curious hehe
07/14/2023 10:41
I'm having impostor syndrome rn help mee
07/09/2023 07:23

One of my favorite authors here on Ritoria was having this issue a while back. Check out the replies she got, I think it'll help you.

07/09/2023 23:15
Apprehensive_Fly (HIATUS)

Thank you :)) This helped me alot. I'm trying to recover and maybe sooner there is going to be another update for my books

07/11/2023 12:24

07/09/2023 23:16

I hope your books come back, I really enjoyed them and was looking forward to your collab with the other writer.

07/16/2023 19:18
Hey everyflies! Its been so long since I've been in this platform. (TO BE HONEST, I FORGOT I WAS ACTUALLY HERE) Its almost halfway into 2023, and since I've been busy with irl matters i forgot about my works here. But don't worry yall, ill try my best to make it up. Ill try to update today,
07/08/2023 12:47
Congratulations on 20 followers!
08/23/2022 16:51


08/29/2022 06:53
Hello everyone! Me and @apprehensive_fly are working on a series called 'Cirque of the Damned', and will come out around August, (chapters). For now, i have it under my name, and has the synopsis to hype up the release. The first book will be called 'Rhythm of Blood.' I will write most of the story, and Apprehensive_fly will help me with the worldbuilding. Check out her amazing cover and guess the plot!
07/19/2022 06:59

Can't wait!

07/31/2022 12:28

Has the book come out?

03/05/2023 19:38
Apprehensive_Fly (HIATUS)

Sooner. Cielo and I are taking a break after writing some chapters. Its still up to Cielo when will it actually come out.

03/10/2023 10:18
Hey, everyflies! If you see a notification of me updating ISBwaV, I didn't actually, I was editing some stuff to fix the worldbuilding. The first edition of this book was pretty messy, so I am fixing some stuff before updating.. I'll update around Monday!
07/09/2022 06:15
It's my birthday today!!!
07/07/2022 00:29

Happy Birthday!

07/07/2022 06:27

happy birthday!!!!! Awesome date ;)

07/07/2022 17:31

Happy birthday

07/14/2022 05:55
Hey, everyflies! I updated 'I switched bodies with a vampire!' There's more to read now.
06/28/2022 07:56
Hey, everyflies! tomorrow is Saturday so I will edit the current stories on my board. So, if you find something here unpublished, it means i am editing it. -Buzzing off!
06/25/2022 09:20
"Non posso nuotare nei mari più grandiosi, né volare nei cieli meravigliosi, ma posso immaginare di farlo, scriverlo e leggerlo ancora e ancora."........"I can't swim in the greatest seas, nor fly in the beautiful skies, but I can imagine doing it, writing it down and reading it again and again." That's a beautiful saying.
06/23/2022 02:03

Thank you. It shows no matter how thick the boundaries of reality I can still achieve what I want to do by simply writing it, and reading it again and again like I'm a part of it.

06/23/2022 02:37
Hello, guysss!! I will update some chapters for The tale of two hearts, and I also changed the synopsis! There will also have a time skip!
06/16/2022 10:38